See You In The Afterglow

Leaves - See You In The Afterglow

  • Tracklist
  • 1. The Sensualist
  • 2. Parade
  • 3. Perfect Weather
  • 4. Animals
  • 5. Lovesick
  • 6. Wilderness Song
  • 7. White Noise
  • 8. Wake Me Up
  • 9. Sleepy Waters
  • 10. Ocean
  • 11. Afterglow
  • Available on
  • CD
  • Digital

See You In The Afterglow is Leaves’ first album for Record Records and their fourth one overall. Leaves first saw the day of light in the year 2001 at the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, the first incarnation of the band featured veterans of the Icelandic alternative, post rock and death metal scenes. Early on they rode high on the governing wave of 90s Britpop and draw inspiration from bands like The Verve and Spiritualized. In their lifespan they have sealed deals with Island Records, B-Unique, toured and shared stages with bands like The Doves, Strokes and Supergrass. Pitchfork once said they sounded like Coldplay only if Coldplay were actually a good band in a record review of their second album The Angela Test.

On See You In The Afterglow they sound as strong and flavorful as ever. Their newest members include former members of Icelandic pop stalwarts Ampop and Jeff Who? add a few panoramic aspects of ELO and The Beatles to their already vibrant sound.

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