Ojba Rasta

Ojba Rasta - Ojba Rasta

  • Tracklist
  • 1. Gjafir jarðar
  • 2. Hreppstjórinn
  • 3. Stjörnuljós
  • 4. Sólstöður
  • 5. Jolly Good
  • 6. Baldursbrá
  • 7. Jónsmessa
  • 8. Í ljósaskiptunum
  • Available on
  • CD
  • LP
  • Digital

Ojba Rasta has been laying down some considerable interest in the last months with their singles Baldursbrá and Jolly Good. Pursuing influences from all over, including world music, soundtracks and even ancient Icelandic poetry, the band’s appeal to wider audiences is understandable with its underlying elevating spirit.

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