Northern Comfort

Tilbury - Northern Comfort

  • Tracklist
  • 1. Deliverance
  • 2. Frozen
  • 3. Hollow
  • 4. Turbulence
  • 5. Cool Confrontation
  • 6. Northern Comfort
  • 7. Animals
  • 8. Shook Up
  • 9. Great Expectations
  • 10. Transmission

  • Available on
    • CD
    • LP
    • Digital

    Northern Comfort is Tilbury’s second album in two years. This prolific quintet entered the Icelandic music scene with their much so confident and well-balanced debut album Exorcise. That album boasted influences from various British bands of the newest millennium and the sorely missed alt rock heroes Grandaddy.

    On Northern Comfort Tilbury rides into a lot chillier atmosphere that’s set forth with track titles like “Cool Confrontation”, “Frozen” and of course the title song “Northern Comfort”.

    This album is a delicate blend of electronic music and folkloric pop that’s presented with icy synthesizers and honed with the masterful production skills of Aron Þ. Arnarsson who has lent his talents to noteworthy artists like Björk, John Grant, Of Monsters and Men, Gus Gus, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Trabant just to name a few.

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