Mixtúrur úr Mósebók

Moses Hightower - Mixtúrur úr Mósebók

    • A side:
    • 1. Háa c (Borko remix)
    • 2. Góður í (Kippi Kaninus remix)
    • 3. Inn um gluggann (múm remix)
    • 4. Troðinn Snjór (Hermigervill remix)
    • 5. Góður í (Sin Fang Yung Boize remix ft. Babigyrl, Ljóti kallinn & Krystal Carma)
    • B side:
    • 1. Háa c (Pedro Pilatus remix)
    • 2. Inn um gluggann (Delirium Klemenz remix)
    • 3. Sjáum hvað setur (intr0beatz remix ft. Forgotten Lores)
    • 4. Góður í (Oculus remix)
    • 5. Stutt skref (Helmus dub)
    • CD:
    • 1. - 10. Sides A+B
    • 11. Háa c (Retro Stefson remix)
    • 12. Sjáum hvað setur (Mixophrygian remix)
    • 13. Upp til að anda (Sóley)
    • 14. Troðinn snjór (Terrordisco remix)
    • 15. Sjáum hvað setur (Nuke Dukem remix)
    • 16. Tíu dropar (Halli Civelek remix)

    • LP+CD

Mixtúrur úr Mósebók is Moses Hightower’s third contribution to Record Records’ catalog and it’s a extensive collection of remix versions of their great album Önnur Mósebók from 2012.

Moses Hightower funded the release of this album by using the all Icelandic crowd funding platform, Karolina Fund and it features interpretations made a wide range of musicians and friends of Moses Hightower and they include artists such as múm, Borko, Sin Fang, intr0beatz (featuring Forgotten Lores), Sóley, Retro Stefson, Kippi Kanínus and Hermigervill just to name a few.

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