Live at Home

Lay Low - Live at Home

  • Tracklist
  • 1. Home
  • 2. Horfið
  • 3. Mojo Love
  • 4. I Forget It's There
  • 5. Little By Little
  • 6. In The Dead Of Winter
  • 7. By and By
  • 8. Why Do I Worry?
  • 9. Í veikindum
  • 10. Please Don't Hate Me
  • 11. Donna Mo's Blues
  • 12. Jolene
  • Available on
  • CD+DVD
  • Digital

Live at Home is Lay Low’s second and suitably titled live album Live at Home. It’s made of twelve songs and two of them unheard until now. One is called “Donna Mo’s Blues” and it’s a song Lovísa wrote with a band called Stardust Model (a band she played in way before she went solo). The other one is called “In The Dead Of Winter” which later featured on her studio album, Talking About The Weather.

Live at Home was recorded in Lovísa’s home that’s located a little outside of Hveragerði.

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