Kebab Diskó

Orphic Oxtra - Kebab Diskó

  • Tracklist
  • 1. Viiinur
  • 2. Orfeus Bekonovitsjí Polka!
  • 3. Kebab diskó
  • 4. Banvænn bílaeltingarleikur á götum Damaskusborgar
  • 5. Dauðinn
  • 6. Skeletons Having Sex On a Tin Roof
  • 7. Maritsa
  • 8. Rachenitsa Kopanitsa skinku pítsa
  • 9. I don't know
  • 10. Hvað er næst?
  • 11. Hóru Horo
  • Available on
  • CD
  • Digital

Orphic Oxtra’s second album, rightly titled Kebab Diskó, is an exhilarating guided tour through the balkan and klezmer musical songbook, led by a thirteen-strong line-up of Icelandic youngsters. You may want to fasten your seat belt though, because this vehicle hugs the curves while never easing the pressure on the throttle, leaving your adrenaline pumping steady.

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