Ojba Rasta - Friður

  • Tracklist
  • 1. Draumadós
  • 2. Ég veit ég vona
  • 3. Lagstúfur
  • 4. DNA
  • 5. Einhvern veginn svona
  • 6. Þyngra en tárum taki
  • 7. Skot í myrkri
  • 8. Faðir og bróðir
  • 9. Sama tíma
  • 10. Á bak við augnlokin
  • Available on
  • CD
  • LP
  • Digital

The dub and reggae eleven piece Ojba Rasta proved for the second time with Friður that Icelanders is fully capable of composing grooves that are thicker than ice caps. These riddim-loving sensations dive deep into their skanking dub grooves and add a sizable amount of Eastern European influences and exciting sing-a-long to their music.

Friður is their second album in two years, their first self-titled album rode rather high on the Icelandic radio charts and comprised of two number one hits on National Radio Two (Rás 2). Friður sound spectrum shows Ojba Rasta traveling even further into the cosmic music sphere but still it contains sing-a-long tunes like “Ég veit, ég vona” and “Einhvernvegin svona”. This is an album that might be one of reggae’s most diverse yet, at least in Iceland it is.

The core of Ojba Rasta includes four siblings who come from a family of strong musical tradition. Their current roster includes members of bands such as Retro Stefson, Sin Fang, Moses Hightower, I Adapt and others.

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