Frábært eða frábært

Sykur - Frábært eða frábært

  • Tracklist
  • 1. Swedish Snowboard Girl
  • 2. Rocketship
  • 3. Nakti apinn
  • 4. Bara bröst
  • 5. Hardon
  • 6. Candynavia
  • 7. Bite me
  • 8. Sykur
  • 9. Með stuð í eyrum
  • 10. New Horizons
  • 11. Viltu dick?
  • 12. Lessupjetur
  • Available on
  • CD
  • Digital

The debut album by the insanely catchy electro pop outfit Sykur is a fantastic amalgam of sung and instrumental tracks. Frábært eða frábært (e. Fantastic or Fantastic) is mostly made up with synth driven party anthems featuring some of the bubbliest beats and sharpest synth riffs released by an Icelandic band in the new millennium.

Sykur released the album in October 2009 to considerable critical acclaim and commercial success. The single Viltu Dick? was one of the biggest radio hits in Iceland in 2009 and it features one of Iceland’s most notorious emcees, Blaz Roca.

Frábært eða frábært also includes live favorites Lessupjetur and Bara Bröst.

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