Dry Land

Bloodgroup - Dry Land

  • Tracklist
  • 1. My Arms
  • 2. This Heart
  • 3. Wars
  • 4. How Do We Know
  • 5. First To Go
  • 6. Buried In Sand
  • 7. Overload
  • 8. Pro Choice
  • 9. Moonstone
  • 10. Battered
  • 11. Dry Land
  • Available on
  • CD
  • LP
  • Digital

From Icelandic via Faroe Islands comes the leftfield electro pop band Bloodgroup. One can trace the beginning of Bloodgroup to primitive recording sessions in a run-down house on the East Coast of Iceland back in 2006. The quartet was initially formed by the three siblings Hallur, Ragnar and Lilja along with Faroe Islands born singer Janus. From early on they received well-earned buzz for their edgy songwriting and their refreshing and boundless live shows. They wrote and recorded their debut album Sticky Situation in their hometown of Egillstaðir which was well received by thousands of fans who bought their album in 2007 and some associated them to contemporaries like Goldfrapp, The Knife and Hot Chip.
Their second album, Dry Land, followed in 2009 and it was instantly greeted as one of the finest Icelandic albums of 2009. Not only had they grown and developed since the release of Sticky Situation, what one detects by comparing the two albums is that Bloodgroup took a huge leap in all aspects.
On Dry Land they stay loyal to their highly synthesized sound but now in way more calculated and organic manner. Every single sound and detail feels like it’s scrutinized but in a handy way. Dry Land is overall slower and slightly darker than its predecessor, the faster tunes are still there but they’re all superior and not excessively loaded with layers of the unnecessary. The overall sound makes them appear like they making less effort to please the listener but they actually deliver more and makes him beg for more.

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