Agent Fresco - Destrier

  • Tracklist
  • 1. Let Them See Us
  • 2. Dark Water
  • 3. Pyre
  • 4. Destrier
  • 5. Wait For Me
  • 6. Howls
  • 7. The Autumn Red
  • 8. Citadel
  • 9. See Hell
  • 10. Let Fall The Curtain
  • 11. Bemoan
  • 12. Angst
  • 13. Death Rattle
  • 14. Mono No Aware
  • Available on
  • CD
  • LP
  • Digital

One of Iceland’s most escalating rock bands of this century Agent Fresco has released their second single from their sophomore album. Their complex and aggressive yet tender and passionate music compound has earned them quite some following in their native land and their international following is burgeoning. Agent Fresco have been working hard like bees in a nest to make their forthcoming album complete and now they have the reward insight. The new single is entitled “See Hell” and it’s their second one since the release of the stunning “Dark Water”.

Agent Fresco’s anticipated sophomore album, entitled Destrier, will see the light of day on August 7th and we’re so proud be a part of spreading the message of this great band in Iceland. They’ve signed with German label Long Branch Records who’ll take care of them internationally.